Morningside K9 Academy | Junior Agility
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Junior Agility

Foundational Training Agility or Dog Jumping.

From 1 year (no jumping at this level)


From 18 months of age will be allowed to jump.


With a strong starting foundation, you will be well better prepared and able to work towards Competition Agility. I believe in teaching YOU how to help your dog understand and work out on his own what you are asking him to do. This builds a strong foundation for reliable agility course work. Too many people rush to get their champions through a course without focusing on the small things first. Result – a dog who is unsure of what his owner is asking and quick disqualifications in the ring.


Each exercise is broken down into sections to allow your dog to fully understand and gradually learn a well-executed movement.


Flexibility, strength and endurance are built up through various exercises, while increasing the bond and trust with your dog.

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